Disappearing sea ice enticing more killer whales to Arctic: researchers

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WINNIPEG – Researchers say melting Arctic sea ice is enticing more killer whales to Nunavut waters w… – The Green Page – Winnipeg Free Press.
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Striped Dolphins Now Swim Forever Free

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Many people outside of Japan are aware of the Dolphin drive hunts that take place in Taiji every year. Over 2000 dolphins, usually whole pods including all family members–babies, pregnant females,…
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25 Striped Dolphins Slaughtered in The Cove

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Today the cove runs red with the blood of an innocent pod of 25 striped dolphins. Although part of the pod broke off before they were driven through the harbor entrance the dolphins suffered greatl…
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Whales are people too – Opinion – ABC Environment (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Science increasingly shows dolphins and whales to be intelligent animals with the ability to think and reason. Keeping them locked up for our own entertainment therefore raises a big ethical conundrum.
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Fees biting shark fishers in Tasmania – Shark Year Magazine

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TASMANIA’S small commercial shark fishers may be forced out of the industry by a massive hike in licence fees. The cost of a South Eastern Scalefish and Shark…
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WDCS Blog – From the Front Line

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wdcs, the whale and dolphin conservation society, wdcs views…
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Blog: No Killing in the Cove Again | SaveJapanDolphins.org

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Tia Butt Tim Burns Taiji Cove Dolphin Slaughter… No Killing in the Cove Again
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