Exxon Valdez oil spill a cautionary tale for Arctic Ocean drilling – The Cordova Times

Seeking approval to build the Trans Alaska Pipeline back in the 1970s, government and industry promised the people of America that oil would be shipped safely from Alaska, and “not one drop” would be spilled. There were to be double-hulled tankers, a fail-safe tanker monitoring system, state-of-the-art spill response capability, and of course, government would keep a vigilant eye on industry. But after getting approval to build the pipeline, the big money began to flow and all such promises were promptly forgotten.

And at four minutes past midnight on March 24, 1989 – twenty-three years ago today – the single-hulled supertanker “Exxon Valdez,” loaded with 1.3 million barrels of toxic Alaska North Slope oil, ran hard aground on a well-marked reef in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, rupturing 8 of its 11 oil cargo holds, and causing at the time the nation’s largest oil spill. So much for “not one drop.”

Via thecordovatimes.com


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