Day 5 dawns on bullied Bolsa Chica dolphin | Los Angeles News

HUNTINGTON BEACH – After watching a common dolphin in the shallows of the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve get bullied by dolphins in the Huntington Harbour Saturday, wildlife experts planned to leave the roughly 500-pound sea mammal alone today and…

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Viking Shores: Wailing away over whaling | Arts | National Post

A spinoff of Whale Wars, the Viking Shores edition is centred on the 18 little islands that make up the Faroes.

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Dolphin Refuses To Leave Southern California Channel – Denver News Story – KMGH Denver

LOS ANGELES (CNN) — A dolphin’s determination to stay in a narrow channel in Huntington Beach, Calif., for the past four days baffles marine experts who are closely watching the animal. Sunday, April 29, 2012.

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The baby dolphin was born Saturday night in the Dolphinarium is deceased later this evening.

Around 21:30 hours began giving birth. Not ten minutes later, the young born. In contrast to most other births dolphin this was the first to the outside of the head in place of the tail. At first it seemed to prosper going . The little one had a good respiratory and Finagain mother took pity on the young very well. After an hour’s breathing deteriorated the young, after a few minutes later died. The atmosphere among the employees is depressed and sad.

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Taiji floats plan to create whale zoo | The Japan Times Online

The town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, has floated a plan to turn part of a local bay into a huge pool where people can swim and kayak along with small whales and dolphins.

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Clare Beach ‘Narwhal’ Was No Such Beast, Experts Confirm

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group receives images confirming once and for all that the cetacean washed ashore in Clare last month was not a narwhal…

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Kamakura’s historic ‘flowering garden’ | The Japan Times Online

When I meander through the gardens of Zuisen-ji Temple, I’m always reminded of a particular haiku by the 17th-century poet Matsuo Basho, which goes: Fading temple bell / The fragrance of flowers strikes / At evening.

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