Five nuke operators file stress test data | The Japan Times Online

Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. and four other operators of facilities that reprocess or recycle nuclear fuel have submitted stress tests results to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.

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Hands on with Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil, the simple yet hip LCD watch

Read ‘Hands on with Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil, the simple yet hip LCD watch’ on Digital Trends. Long gone are those days of telling time with a two hands…

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Rare White Male Killer Whale Discovered in Russia: Iceberg and Other Albino animals [PHOTOS]

A look at all-white male orca whale discovered in Russia and other animals with albino conditions.

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Trio of killer whales spotted in Monterey Bay – Inside Bay Area

MOSS LANDING — California researchers were nearing the end of a fruitless week on Monterey Bay Friday morning when the crackle of good news came over the radio: killer whales had been spotted off Moss Landing.

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The Exploitation of Cetaceans Acoustic Harassment Devices

I’d like to speak about the use of Acoustic Harassment Devices (AHDs). These are devices used in fish farms to deter seals from preying on the fish within the farm. This is all very well until you see what effect it has on cetacean life. Alexandra Morton, a marine biologist who is best known for her 30 year study on Orcas, who has since shifted the focus of her research to the impact of salmon farming; has written an article on the impact of AHDs.

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Kimberley inshore dolphin fieldwork underway | Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit

This is the first of four field trips over the next two years, in a project which aims to investigate the abundance, residency and genetic connectivity of Australian snubfin and …

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Naval War: Arctic Circle review for Windows

Games like this give people the idea that destroying the ocean in the name of “war” is OK! 

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