Learning The Ropes in Social Media for Business 101

By Kirsten Massebeau

Picture Provided by KEXINO

Social Media 101 taught by social media guru Michael Q Todd is outfitting newbies, and advanced Social Media enthusiasts to hone their skills, and get one step ahead of the rest the world when it comes to Social Media. The class lasting five weeks requires students to use nine platforms, and to be tied into social media scoring networks like Klout and Kred. XeeMe is required and is a great management tool which helps to organize and fine tune your social presence.

No matter what your niche the class enables students to break out of the mold and be known. In the world of Social Media your presence is everything. Klout and Kred measure that presence and ability to be seen and heard. This allows the student to see which platforms need attention to expand presence whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Empire Avenue or curating networks like Scoop.it.

Empire Avenue is a must in Social Media 101. Although a game Empire Avenue enables users to expand their “presence” and become more “known” driving more traffic to blogs, and causes. Once involved one can easily get caught up in the game partially because the folks at Empire Avenue are so welcoming. Newbies can expect their first 24 hours to be exciting but it means taking action and participating as well. Once into the loop buying and doing missions Empire Avenue can become a favorite stop. Michael Q Todd continues to recommend daily visits to Empire Avenue for continued success.

Social media 101 for business will keep students busy with daily and weekly homework assignments from YouTube video introductions, to blog posts about social media that students are required to write. At the end of the five week class students should have a good handle on the new platforms they are using in addition, to strategies for success that will work any niche. The class is highly recommended for all social media enthusiasts that wish to become “known” and successful in the world of social media.

To learn more and catch the next class follow the just follow this Link and learn more.


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  1. camountain
    May 18, 2012 @ 18:13:15

    Congratulations on your first social media themed blog post.


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